Botanical or Herbal medicine

Plants have such powerful constituents and can be used to help guide processes in the body that have gone awry. Don’t worry every one of them will be checked for interactions so you get the best results possible for a new you.

Vitamin and Nutrient supplementation

Vitamins and Minerals are co factors for a lot of processes in the body. Sometimes it just takes a little supplementation with them to get things rolling in the right direction. When that happens you feel incredible!

Diet and lifestyle changes

Sometimes it’s just the little things that make the biggest difference in life. We’re here to help you find the things that may seem healthy but aren’t really all that healthy for your type of metabolism. We like to say “You ate your way into this now you get to eat your way out of it.”


One of the gentle helps to the system that works in a unique way to set your body back on track.  With homeopathy you can get great results for things that are uniquely out of balance.


The helping and healing use of water has been around for centuries. We use it at OBWC to gently guide your body back to proper function. Sometimes it’s even through things you get to do at home that are relaxing and have therapeutic benefits for all of you.

Physical therapy

The movements your body provides can be key indicators of systems struggling. Through professional help we get you back on track for more activity and a better energy for life.