I want to talk about taking care of someone you love with regard to their health. It’s been a journey for all of us these past months. It seems like 200 years, doesn’t it? It does for me anyway; it’s been a big journey for all of us. One of the things that we do not understand in this situation is the stress in our lives because of all of it. Between trying to remember your mask, being able to get what you need to get or not being able to go and do what you want to do or, or have to do, all of that has created a real drain on your immune system.

So I want to share a way that I have set up for you to help someone. Maybe they are not living in your household, or maybe they are, but regardless it’s a way to help them take care of themselves. And this we call our Health O’ Gram. If you’ve been on our Facebook page, you’ve probably seen the Health O’ Grams. They come in many shapes and sizes. And what’s great about these Health O’ Grams is they have all the specific things in them that you need to help take care of someone that you love. So whether it’s your brother or sister in another state, whether it is a child that doesn’t live close to you, whether it’s some parents, a cousin, an aunt, an uncle, a coworker; anyone who is near and dear to you, or a super great friend that you want to help take care of. These are designed to help them boost their immune system. Now, I hear you loud and clear, “but I don’t know if they’re taking something that these natural things that we’re going to give them might interfere with, so what do I do?” Guess what? We’ve got that under control. We run an interaction checker for any of those issues. If you are interested in the Health O’ Grams, you can check out our Facebook page. You can call the office and we’ll give you the whole scoop.

I want you to understand something. We usually, as humans, usually build our immune system up a little bit more over the summertime for the upcoming months. We’ve not had a lot of the opportunity to make that happen this year. We’ve kind of been outside a little bit with walking, walking, and more walking, right? And the gyms have started to open up in the state I’m in, but there’s a lot of conditions that go with it. So you can’t always guarantee that you’re getting your immune system boosted. Now I know a lot of us have learned a new art and it’s called cooking for yourself rather than ordering out. But that in and of itself has challenges too. Am I getting enough nutrition? Am I getting the right nutrition? How are my parents eating? How are my children eating? You know, my cousin, I got to watch out for her. You know, I got to watch out for my aunt. All of those things are telling you that maybe these would be the great people giving them a Health O’Gram. If you’re into taking care of somebody and you don’t know how to take care of them or you’re a little leery of how things are gonna shake out for the fall (and we have to have our immune systems built up for the fall because that’s when we all start getting sick, again) then give us a call, or send me an email, reach out on Facebook, whatever it is you need to do. We want you to be healthy and happy to start this new year and to start the new season. But you can’t do that if you’re under stress. So let us help you get stronger. Let us help you get your loved ones stronger. We’re here to help, even if you just want to say hi, because that’s good too!


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Hope you’re going to have a great week and a great weekend ahead of you!