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February 2018 Issue

Raynette Ilg, ND

Raynette Ilg, ND, Founder
Olive Branch Wellness Center

A Personal Note from Dr. Ray . . .

So many patients tell us how thankful they are for gaining back their health and for the great people here at our Center. Now you can let others know too! We'd LOVE it if you would leave a review on Facebook and/or Google for us! Thank YOU to our tribe! - Dr. Ray

This Month's Vita-Mini:  Vitamin G

If you’ve never heard of vitamin G, that’s okay. It’s actually an old name for “riboflavin,” which we now call vitamin B2. We’ve already covered B2 in the past, but there are a few things worth covering again.

B vitamins aren’t stored well in the body and need to be replenished on a regular basis. Getting your “B”s is one reason we often prescribe a high quality daily vitamin supplement for every patient. It’s also a reason why you need high quality foods in your diet.

In the standard American diet, wheat and wheat products are the major supplier of vitamin B2. But if you are eating processed foods that strip away the germ and bran of the wheat, or are enriched with poor quality synthetic vitamins, you could actually be deficit in B vitamins like riboflavin. Plus, many people can’t maintain good health while eating wheat due to a wheat allergy or a sensitivity to gluten. I also ask many of my patients to reduce the processed carbs they are eating, including wheat products.

So aside from wheat, what are solid healthy sources for vitamin G, otherwise known as B2? Fill up on asparagus, mushrooms, liver, venison, eggs, spinach and other dark leafy greens. You’ll get plenty of vitamin G.

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Feeling Exhausted all the Time?
It's Not Your Fault!

How are you? If your answer is “Tired” more often than not, you’re not alone. Fatigue, exhaustion, and low energy are one of the biggest reasons people make an appointment with Olive Branch Wellness Center. The good news is that most of the time, we can help restore your energy and vitality, helping you enjoy life again.

Most people blame themselves for feeling too tired to meet all their responsibilities, or feel guilty if they crave a nap in the middle of the day. They feel if they only had more discipline or could just “push through.” They try sleeping more, but even with 8 hours or more sleep they still feel tired. The truth is that your fatigue isn’t your fault. It is most usually the result of an internal communication breakdown inside your body.

Most of us have plenty of energy. The problem is that it’s all in storage! If you are eating the wrong foods, or if your endocrine system is sending the wrong message at the wrong time, your body is constantly storing energy, hoarding it, and refusing to release it when you need it. Your tank is full but the valves that send that fuel to your body’s engines are on lock down.

We can normally retrain your system to send and hear the right hormonal signals for energy production through proper diet and the right nutritional supplements for your unique needs. We’ll also look at how you are sleeping and take steps to make sure you get enough good-quality sleep every single night. We’ll examine your lifestyle and see what stressors are zapping your energy. We’ll also examine whether you may have a more serious condition, or whether medications you’re taking could be contributing to the problem. Last, we’ll talk about a workable exercise program that will revive you and get you fit at the right pace, rather than burn you out.

Life’s too short to feel tired. Come in to our Center so we can give your body the energy tune-up it needs so you can get the most out of your life and enjoy it!

Massage therapy is so popular at Olive Branch Wellness Center, we've added a SECOND licensed massage therapist!

Come Meet Our New Massage Therapist:
Michael Toniolo, LMT

massage therapist

Hi, I’m Michael Toniolo, and in addition to being a licensed massage therapist, I earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in massage therapy from National University of Health Sciences. I also have a bachelor’s degree in sociology, and a master’s degree in environmental studies.

My intention is to help my clients heal their own mind, body and spirit, by providing relaxation through therapeutic touch. These moments of relaxation provide the opportune time to free up tissue restrictions that may be causing energetic and/or emotional blockages.

I typically provide a Swedish-style treatment, and also do trigger point therapy and deep tissue work. I’ve also had experience in prenatal massage, sports massage, cranio-sacral therapy, myofascial release, and orthopedic techniques.

I really enjoy working with our clients, and Olive Branch has given me the opportunity to be creative in my work. I appreciate the professionalism and caring attitude of the whole team.

Massage is a great way to incorporate balance in your life. It’s no secret that life is stressful. Give yourself the excuse to “chill” for a moment. It will go a long way!

Dr. Ray