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September 2019 Issue

Raynette Ilg, ND

Raynette Ilg, ND, Founder
Olive Branch Wellness Center

Dr. Ray

This Month's Mineral-Mini:   Iodine

Iodine is a crucial mineral for us, which is why back in the 1920s they started adding it to table salt and other foods. They did it to reduce the rate of goiter (a thyroid disease caused by iodine deficiency), but found that adding iodine had other positive effect like higher growth rates and higher IQs.

Iodine is critical for proper thyroid function, but it must be the right type at the right time. Self-administering iodine supplements can often backfire and do more damage than good. In addition to thyroid health, iodine plays a role in cognitive function and proper fetal development.

Symptoms of iodine deficiency include thyroid problems, fatigue, brain fog, depression, and feeling cold all the time.

There are several iodine rich foods, especially seaweeds – which, in powdered form, make a great condiment you can add to almost anything. You can also find iodine in seafoods, especially cod and shrimp. Most American dairy products are a source of iodine due to the iodine found in cattle feed.

(Note on Iodized Salt: Highly processed table salt is not an ideal way to get your iodine: it’s bleached and often has chemical additives. There is so much refined salt added to processed and restaurant foods, that you get plenty of that type of salt. For your own kitchen, try to choose a natural salt rich in a wide variety of minerals, like Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt.)

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Four MORE Reasons You're so Tired!

Last month, we looked at four reasons why you may be tired all the time. We tackled the energy thieves of hidden Infections, hidden allergies and sensitivities, poor cellular energy level, and why you might not be getting energy from the food you eat. (Click here to read last month’s issue.)

This month we’re going to take on four MORE reasons you can’t get off the couch:

  1. You Have Adrenal Burnout
    Your adrenal glands can really suffer from a lifetime of poor nutrition and high stress. After all, it’s your adrenals that produce the stress hormones that allow you to fight or flee, and in today’s modern life, they are working overtime. When adrenals are overworked, it can take several months of good quality sleep, and a program of supplementation with the right minerals and especially Vitamin C to replenish what the adrenal glands need to function at their best.

  2. You Have Low Testosterone
    Men – and sometimes ladies – this is for you. If you aren’t enjoying the vitality and vigor you had when you were younger, it could be your testosterone levels. It’s natural for testosterone levels to decrease as men age, but there is so much we can do to rev them back up again naturally. Be sure to check out my entire series of Testosterone Thursday videos on Facebook and YouTube.

  3. You Need to Exercise
    It seems like the last thing you should do when you are really tired, but exercise gives us energy in the long run. Exercise trains your body to burn the right fuel, it cleans toxins out of your cells, helps you use more oxygen, and keeps your metabolism up. The trick is that depending on the cause of your fatigue, too much exercise could make it worse. That’s why it’s important to pinpoint the root cause of your fatigue so you know how to pace your exercise – whether you need to start slow, or whether it’s safe to go all out.

  4. You Have a Lack of Quality Sleep
    If you’re not getting 7-10 hours of sleep per night, your body has to really struggle to do all of its daily internal functions efficiently, and this can leave you feeling tired. But you might THINK you’re sleeping 7-10 hours, not knowing that the quality of your sleep is an issue. If you have sleep apnea, or aren’t reaching REM sleep, or have a sleep environment that is blocking full deep sleep, you may wake up still tired and wondering why.

When someone comes into my office complaining that they’re tired all the time, I use a serious of health history questions, symptom evaluations, and if necessary, lab tests, to narrow down the precise cause (or causes) of their fatigue. Often, we get people’s energy back within weeks with just a few easy lifestyle changes, or a targeted supplement regime. Sometimes it may take deeper healing to get your hormones and neurotransmitters back in balance -- but it’s worth it when you can finally have enough energy to enjoy life again.

The biggest step is reaching out for help! Most people blame themselves or feel fatigue is not an important health issue. It is! This is NOT your fault – you deserve vitality and energy. Let naturopathic medicine work for you.