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 Stinky Feet, yucky feet!

How many times have you wanted to just run simple and free like when you were a kid in the summer and go shoeless through the cool grass? I think given my own child like ways I 'd be barefoot, but with nicely groomed feet of course!
I guess most people don 't give much thought to their feet daily until they start to hurt or there 's a problem with them. I mean come on now, feet are designed to get you from point A to point B and do it magically! Well that 's what we all think right? It 's nice to be able to dip them in cool water, or put on a new pair of socks (especially the fluffy cotton ones!) for comfort or just have someone else groom them to look good. But there is more to the foot than meets the eye.










Ray Ilg, ND

Raynette Ilg, N.D., is the owner of Olive Branch Wellness Center in South Elgin, IL. A Naturopath who earned a Bachelors of Science in Biological Medicine and then a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from National University of Health Sciences, she employs Nutritional Guidance, Herbal Medicine, Hydrotherapy, and Homeopathy in her clinic. Dr. Ray can be contacted via her website,
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Feet can tell your doctor a lot about your health and here are SOME examples. Let 's talk about your feet and the things that go on with them. First of all the shape of your foot. If your feet are swollen and/or red then you could be dealing with issues of inflammation or improper hydration, lymph movement issues or infections or maybe even some circulation problems. How about the bone structure? Even men can be the victims of bunions and callouses. Wait so what is a bunion and what causes it? Bunions are the outgrowth of bone usually to one side or the other due to a couple of things. And, well there 's a big debate on what causes them. Some, and I emphasize some experts think its tight, high-heeled or too-narrow shoes can cause a bunion. Some experts say that bunions are a result of just wearing shoes, but either way some causes are; you just inherited that kind of foot (genetics and nutrient pathway issues), you had foot injuries, or a plain old deformity from birth.

Here in natural care we also want to look at your parathyroid function just to make sure you aren 't pushing calcium into the wrong spots, are you ingesting high amounts of calcium, high amounts of foods that contain large quantities of oxalic acid (chocolate, rhubarb) or eating foods that are higher in phytic acid (unsoaked grains) which decrease the absorption of Vitamin B6 that helps to regulate the calcium intake. Then there are callouses. Those are typically brought on by friction. When the friction in that area is removed the callous has a better chance of going away. In the mean time some people have them shaved down. Sounds kinda gross doesn't it! Next up toe nail fungus. Oh yay!

Fungus under the toe nails, grey, green, blackish stuff. Yeah, toe nails, those pesky things that need to be cut so you don 't poke holes in the fronts of your shoes, those things! Toe fungus can be related to so many digestive issues and problems. Who would have thought that your toes are related to your digestion, well we think so here!! Toe fungus also has some close relatives that can make other areas of your body miserable to; athletes foot, jock itch, yeast infections and candida. Get it checked out before something worse happens! This is why we look at your feet. Not to mention Diabetes. That means poor circulation, sores that don't heal, and numbness in the feet!

Then there 's stinky feet. Stinky feet are a great indicator first of all that you are wearing plastic shoes, secondly that your entire system is on toxin overload. Yes that means a detox is in your future. Those stinkers can also mean that your sympathetic system might be working overtime and producing too much sweat and it needs to be calmed down.
So that 's the bad news on feet but, here 's the good stuff. One of the great things for feet is that they can be a great source of relaxation. Did you know that rubbing your feet with a great organic lotion before bed can actually make you sleep better? Or, witch hazel on the feet on a hot day can actually cool the whole body?

Now the next time you look at your feet and think they are just feet, you just might think a little differently!

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The Monthly "Vita - Mini"

B2 (Riboflavin)

As promised we are continuing our journey through the B vitamins! Next on our list, because I like order, is B2 Riboflavin. So without further ado here is the scoop on B2. It is so necessary for your red blood cell formation and antibody production with in your system. Then there is the way it helps with cell growth, eye fatigue, cataract prevention and treatment. It also helps your body metabolize the all those carbohydrates, fats and proteins you consume. B2 also has a nice little special function which is to improve the mucous membranes of the digestive tract. B2 can help your skin, nails and hair as well as eliminate dandruff. I think one of the most important things it does is it helps the body absorb iron and vitamin B6, which we will address later.

B2 Deficiency symptoms are things like: cracks and sores at the corners of the mouth, some eye disorders, inflammation of the mouth and tongue, dermatitis, dizziness, hair loss, insomnia, light sensitivity, poor digestion and slowed mental response.

Light can destroy B2 so it needs to be kept from oxidation by storing in a dark bottle. B2 is best absorbed when it's taken with your food! Birth control pills have a strong correlation with a reduced blood level of B2. Some Riboflavin is stored in the liver but the highest amount of B2 is found in the retina of your eye.

Some of the best sources of B2 from food are; beef livers, chicken liver, broccoli (cooked), almonds, and ricotta cheese, so eat up!!! Studies have been done on B2 for treating acne rosacea, anaemia (some obscure types), cataracts and depression. So this actually means eat up that organic beef liver and you are going to get some great benefits! LOL

Jeana's Cucina






Spicy Buffalo Bacon Deviled Eggs 


    8 eggs

    3 egg yolks
    1/8 cup coconut oil

    1/8 cup mayonnaise
    Juice from 1 lemon
    1/4 t salt 
    2 t buffalo sauce  
             1 slice of bacon


1. Place 8 eggs in a large saucepan and fill with cold water; bring to a boil and boil for approximately 10 minutes.

2. While eggs are boiling, prepare the mayonnaise filling by mixing the coconut oil, mayo, lemon juice, salt, and buffalo sauce. The buffalo sauce will be replacing mustard.

3. Once eggs have boiled for 10 minutes, remove from heat and place in cold water, allowing 3-5 minutes for them to cool off before peeling.

4. Peel eggs and slice in half; remove egg yolks and place them in the mayonnaise. Stir everything together thoroughly.

5. Scoop mixture into each of the eggs

6. Drizzle with extra buffalo sauce and top with crumbled bacon.



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