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Current Issue - September 2019

Four MORE Reasons You're Always Tired - Mineral-Mini on Iodine

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August 2019: Four Reasons You're Always Tired - Mineral-Mini on Potassium

July 2019: If you EVER had a Concussion, Read This! - Mineral-Mini on Manganese

June 2019: Fixing Brain Inflammation to Restore Health and Mood - Mineral-Mini on Chromium

May 2019: Sunscreen - More Dangerous than Sunshine?!! - Mineral-Mini on Selenium

April 2019: Women Can Have Trouble with Testosterone Levels Too - Mineral-Mini on Magnesium

March 2019: Men: Don't Let Low Testosterone Rob You of Your Health (plus video)- Mineral-Mini on Calcium

February 2019: Sinus Health is For Everybody - Vitamin S is for Sex

January 2019: ​Brain Inflammation Part II - Depression, Vitamin R for Rest


December 2018: Treating the Root Cause of Anxiety and Panic Attacks, CoQ10

November 2018: Your Brain on Inflammation, Vitamin P is for Flavanoids

October 2018: Symptoms that Point to Hashimoto's, Vitamin O is for Oxygen!

September 2018: Hashimoto's Disease: The Reason Your Thyroid is Slow? Vitamin N = Nature!

August 2018: Splenda or Sucralose? Stay Away! ~ Vitamin M ~ Probiotic IQ Quiz

July 2018: Why Probiotics Can Be a Key to Weight Loss ~ Vitamin L is for "Lifestyle"

June 2018: Happy Bacteria! Probiotics and Your Mood ~ Vitamin K

May 2018: Nourishing the Healthy Bacteria in Your Gut ~ Vitamin J

April 2018: Good Bacteria: The Magic Key to Better Health ~ Vitamin I

March 2018: Here's Why Infrared Sauna is so Good for You ~ Vitamin H

February 2018: Feeling Exhausted All the Time? It's Not Your Fault ~ Vitamin G ~ Massage Therapy

January 2018: Food Allergies Can Secretly Sabotage Your Health ~ Vitamin F ~ Butternut Squash Bisque


December 2017: Holiday Health Secret: Take Care of Your Gut! ~ Vitamin E ~ Emerald Kale Salad

November 2017: Holiday Health Secret: Stress + Sugar = Sick ~ Vitamin D ~ Thanksgiving Meatballs

October 2017: Men Have Hormone Imbalances Too ~ Vitamin C ~ Butternut Squash Shepherd's Pie

September 2017: The Health-Boosting Benefits of Massage ~ Sept. is "Self-Care Awareness Month"

August 2017: Diarrhea is Your Friendly Warning ~ Vitamin B-17 ~ Egg Salad

July 2017: Memory Loss and Brain Health ~ Vitamin B-16 ~ Kale and Spinach Artichoke Dip

June 2017: The Truth About Sunshine and Sunscreen ~ Vitamin B-15 ~ Tomato Avocado Burger

May 2017: Another Reason to Avoid Carbs: Acrylamide ~ Vitamin B-14 ~ Sausage and Kale Spaghetti Boats

April 2017: Arsenic in Your Diet? Here's How to Avoid It ~ Vitamin B-13 ~ Easy Paleo Shrimp and Avocado Salad

March 2017: Celery a Superfood? You Bet! ~ Vitamin B-12 ~ Pumpkin Chia Pudding

February 2017: Healing Thyroid Conditions by Addressing the Cause ~ Vitamin B-11 ~ Sweet and Spicy Chicken Dippers

January 2017: Spice Up Your Diet for Health ~ Vitamin B-10 ~ Skinny Bell Pepper Nachos


December 2016: Immune System Tune-Up ~ Vitamin B-9 ~ Reindeer Bombs (sweet treat recipe)

November 2016: Are you S.A.D.? ~ Vitamin B-7 ~ Paleo Turkey Casserole

October 2016: Falling Down (Joint Health) ~ Vitamin B-6 ~ Paleo Crockpot Beef Stew

September 2016: Things I Wish You Knew (Inflammation) ~ Vitamin B-5 ~ Bacon-Mushroom Stuffed Meatloaf

August 2016: Things I Wish You Knew (Gut Health) ~ Vitamin B-4 ~ Paleo Chicken Salad Wraps

July 2016: Brain Fog ~ Vitamin B-3 ~ Buttermilk Coconut Southwest Grilled Chicken

June 2016: Stinky Feet - Yucky Feet ~ Vitamin B-2 ~ Spicy Buffalo Bacon Deviled Eggs

May 2016: Hey, Is There Anybody Out There? (Asparagus) ~ Vitamin B-1 ~ Sweet Potato Hash Browns

April 2016: What is the Big Deal About Burping? ~ Vitamin B-1 ~Mini-Quiches with Almond Flour Crust

March 2016: I Clean, You Clean, We All Need a Detox! ~ Zinc ~ Eggplant Bolognese

February 2016: Pass the Butter Please ~ Clean Eating Waffle Iron Omelettes

2014 - 2015

March 2015: The Things We Say ~ Mineral of the Month: Magnesium

January 2015: Hey, How's Your Belly Doin'? ~ Dry Eye Syndrome

December 2014: Hey Doctor! ~ Why Champions Win ~ Did Ya Know Corner

November 2014: Be Thankful and Not Stuffed Full ~ Being a Comeback Kid

October 2014: Strength Training ~ A Strategy for Getting Ahead

September 2014: You Put the Lime in the Coconut and Stir It All Up ~ Staying the Course

August 2014: Know Yourself to Improve Yourself ~ Refusing to be Average

July 2014: Vitamin D to the Rescue ~ The Responsibility of Team Leadership

June 2014: Treatment for Vertigo and BPPV ~ Bringing Positive Change to Your Career

May 2014: Natural Means Safe ~ Performing at Your Potential

March 2014: Have a Drink on Me ~ Building Blocks of a Successful Career

February 2014: Heart Health ~ Whole Health Care ~ Workplace Criticism

​January 2014: And Your New Year's Resolution Was... ~ Ankylosing Spondylitis ~ The Price of Leadership

2012 - 2013

December 2013: Christmas Health Tips ~ Multiple Sclerosis ~ Bringing Positive Change to Your Career

November 2013: The Last Word in Depression ~ Fibromyalgia ~ At the End of Your Rope?

October 2013: Chocolate ~ iPosture ~ Making Things Happen 

September 2013: What Really Goes on in There? ~ Migraines and Chiropractic ~ The Power of Determination

August 2013: Take Care of You! ~ Chiropractic and Massage During Pregnancy ~ Peak Performers

July 2013: A Winner in the Weight Circle ~ Custom-Made Foot Orthotics ~ Why Champions Win

May 2013: Striving for Perfection in Your Health ~ Pain Management ~ Striving for Extraordinary

April 2013: Is a Detox Right for You? ~ Procrastination Can Be Evil to Your Health ~The Value of Goals

March 2013: Eatin' O' The Green ~ Skin Health ~ Slipped Discs ~ The Art of Goal Setting

February 2013: Vitamin D ~ Knee Joint Pain ~ A Chiropractic Overview

January 2013:  The Flu and You ~ Tips to Work Toward the Life You Deserve ~ The Winter Season

December 2012: Adrenal Health ~ Communication ~ Headaches and Chiropractic

November 2012: Men's Health ~ V-Drive ~ Men and Midlife Crisis ~ Tired of Yo-Yo Dieting?