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March 2019 Issue

Raynette Ilg, ND

Raynette Ilg, ND, Founder
Olive Branch Wellness Center

Dr. Ray

This Month's Mineral-Mini:   Calcium

Our vitamin series is now complete, and we're delving into minerals that are essential for nutrition and wellness! Of course, once of the most essential minerals is calcium. By now you know that calcium is critical for bone health. But dairy foods aren’t necessarily your best source. The are highly allergenic and inflammatory for most people, and for good health I recommend moderating your dairy intake. Good non-dairy sources of calcium include salmon, sardines, dark leafy greens, chia seeds and almonds.

In order for calcium to be used properly in the body, you also need enough vitamin D and vitamin K. No nutrient works in a vacuum. That’s also true with calcium. That’s why it’s important to take your whole diet and health picture into account before choosing the right supplements. Calcium supplements vary in quality too. Some types of calcium are well assimilated, while others can cause problems like kidney stones or simply be excreted with little effect.

Things that can deplete your calcium levels include too much caffeine and drinking sodas. Drinking too much soda can actually leach calcium from your bones, as calcium is necessary to balance the phosphorus in carbonated beverages.

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Men: Don't Let Low Testosterone
Rob You of Your Health

For all the men out there and those who love them, it’s important to understand what the symptoms of low testosterone are so that you can get tested, get your hormone’s back in balance, and enjoy the quality of life you deserve!

Low testosterone can happen with aging, infection, testicular damage, obesity and diseases like diabetes, kidney or liver disease. The main symptoms are fatigue, reduction in sex drive and/or erectile dysfunction, loss of muscle mass, depression and irritability. But since these symptoms can also be caused from other health conditions that mimic low testosterone, it’s important to get tested in order to rule other, more serious issues out.

One of the cruelest blows is the loss of muscle mass that testosterone can cause. When you age, you’re already losing muscle. That muscle loss is not only in your biceps, it’s in the muscles that allow you to balance properly, muscles that help you get up out of a chair, or the tiny muscles that keep your spine in proper alignment. That means that when you lose muscle, you set yourself up for more injuries. That muscle loss also lowers your metabolism causing you to replace that muscle with fat. So even if your pants still fit, with muscle loss, that means a higher proportion of your weight is now fat.

The good news is that once we identify that you have low testosterone, we can get to work to get you back in balance and restore your vigor and zest for life. In addition to simple dietary and lifestyle changes, there are supplements we can target to your specific needs, as well as natural and herbal hormone boosters. There are also things we need you to avoid, such as anything that has or mimics estrogen. That can include certain foods like soy, or estrogen-like hormone disruptors in plastics.

There’s so much of life to enjoy! Don’t let any embarrassment or the fatigue you feel stop you from coming in to talk about your hormones, guys.  You’re worth it!

Be sure to watch my new series of “Testosterone Thursday” videos on Facebook or YouTube. They’re full of information on low testosterone and men’s health issues. We have a new video each week, so be sure to like the Olive Branch Wellness Center Facebook page, and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Here's a sample!